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Big Shed Brewing Co have a core range of 4 beer styles and on occasion let loose some speciality beers.

Brown Poster

FrankenBROWN – American Brown Ale

Our hoppy dark monster won’t raze a village but it will drop some badass funk on your taste buds. The high percentage of specialty grain brings the soul of malt, biscuit and coffee notes. The bitterness and aroma comes from the hit of hops added throughout the boil as well as dry-hopping. All this is backed upwith a higher than normal alcohol making for a beer that is right on. Can you dig it?

Malts Used: Maris Otter, Biscuit, Red Wheat, CaraWheat & Chocolate Malt

 Hops Used: Tomahawk

Dry Hop: Simcoe

Yeast Used: Fermentis US-05


Silver Medal Winner – Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards 2015

Bronze Medal Winner – CBIA Craft Beer Awards  2014

Fyeah Poster

F-Yeah – American Pale Ale 

Our loving tribute to the craft beer staple – the American Pale Ale. A base pale malt provides the foundation and ably supports the aromatic and biscuit malt, giving the beer its back bone. Hops are added as start of boil and again at the end, providing a citrus aroma balancing the firm bitterness. this badboy ain’t no light beer and can be enjoyed at any time. Do we think you’ll love it? F*** YEAH!

Malts Used: Marris Otter, Biscuit Malt, Aromatic, CaraPils & Abbey Malts

Hops Used: Amarillo and Galaxy

Yeast Used: Fermentis US-05


Silver Medal Winner – Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards 2015

Cali Poster

West Coast Indian Pale Ale

The IPA may have its roots in the UK, but our Californicator is all about West Coast USA, and West Coast USA is all about the hops baby! We sample old and new hop varieties to bring citrus, passionfruit, apricot and pine. We crank the booze for balance and keep the yeast profile clean so nothing takes away from the hops. Enjot it any way you like it because what goes in Cali, stays in Cali.

Malts Used: Pale Malt, CaraMalt

Hops Used: Tomahawk, Cascade & Chinook

Yeast Used: US West Coast


Bronze Medal Winner – Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards 2014

Kolsch Poster

German Pale – “KolsChisel”

This ale masquerading as a lager is a cracking beer for those unsure that they are into ‘craft’ beers. Subtle bready, malt flavours backed up with a hop spiciness that makes you want to come back for another. Its not too boozy so you can enjoy a couple after work, at the Sunday arvo BBQ or when you’ve just come off the beach.

Alc: 4.2%

Malts Used: Pils Malt, Pale Wheat, Biscuit malt

Hops Used: Helga

Yeast Used: K-97 (German Ale Yeast)

Cherry Popper Decal Image 

Apple & Cherry Cider

We were made aware of a grower in the Adelaide Hills who grew and processed some interesting fruit and juice combinations. This got us thinking about what we could make if we could source some. From this think tank the Cherry Popper was born. This 90% Apple and 10% Cherry blend was settled on and we selected a champagne yeast to ferment this with. The result is a semi sweet Sparkling Apple and Cherry and its quite delicious.

Alc: 8.5%

Yeast: Champagne

Peoples Brew Poster

The Peoples Brew – Chocolate Chilli Porter

The Peoples Brew was first brewed live at the HWY Hotel Craft Beer Festival, This beer was a single batch 50 L pilot brew. On Saturday of the  festival the punters were able to pick from a selection of grains, hops and speciality ingredients which we had to brew live on the Sunday live at the event.

The resulting beer was served on tap at the HWY to a selection of VIP guests to great fanfare. The beer was paired with food by Chef Elliot on the launch night , this was a great night for all invited and involved.

Vital Stats

Alc: 6.6%

Malts Used: Maris Otter, Choc Malt, Aromatic, Biscuit

Hops Used: Citra, Amarillo

Yeast Used: US-05


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